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how to screen record on iphone xr

How To Screen Record On IPhone XR

How To Screen Record On IPhone XR

How to record the screen of an Apple iPhone XR

how to screen record on iphone xr

You can record the screen on your Apple iPhone XR mobile/cell phone in a video with sound. This is a great way to show someone how to use certain functions in the iPhone XR. Save it in a file and upload it to YouTube or other social media sites.

Sometimes, we want to record on audio a story we’ve seen on Instagram by an acquaintance. This could be a FaceTime call or phone call (FaceTime), with a family member to keep it as either a memento or as evidence or TikTok videos.

These steps will allow you to record this in your Apple iPhone XR.

Estimated time: 2 min.

1- First step:

First, we need to verify that screen recording is enabled on our iPhone XR. If we do not have it yet, we can proceed to point 5. It is located on the home screen, under Settings.

how to screen record on iphone xr 1

2- Second step:

Scroll down to the left and find “Control Center”, then click on it, and finally “Customize controls”.

how to screen record on iphone xr 2

3- Third step:

If the screen recording control is already activated, it will be displayed in the first list on our iPhone XR. We can also change the order by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the right of it and dragging it up/down. You can also click on the red button to the left to remove the control.

how to screen record on iphone xr 3

4- Fourth step:

If the activated control doesn’t appear, scroll down to the “MORE CONTROLS” section. Click on the green + button and add it. After this is completed, you can exit the Apple iPhone XR settings.

5- Fifth step:

(iPhone 7 or lower, iPad with iOS 11 and earlier) Start the video by moving from the bottom to the top. (iPhone X and iPad with iOS 12 or iPadOS). To start the video from the screen you are interested in, swipe from the upper left corner.

6- Sixth step:

To record a video on your Apple iPhone XR, press the recording icon. A 3-second countdown and then the recording process will start. You will then see a red line at top of the screen with the word “Recording”. This is used to either explain an app to someone or record a message.

how to screen record on iphone xr 6

7- Seventh step:

You can stop recording by opening the Control Center (Point 5, of this tutorial), clicking on the stop recording button, or clicking on the red line at the top of your screen and pressing “Stop”.

how to screen record on iphone xr 7

8- Eighth step:

The message at the top of the Apple iPhone XR screen will say that your screen recording video was saved to “Photos”, formerly the Camera Roll.

how to screen record on iphone xr 8

Your iPhone XR can store screen recordings in video thanks its 64 GB/128 GB/256 GB internal memory.

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