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how to play fortnite on iphone

How To Play Fortnite On IPhone

How To Play Fortnite On IPhone

how to play fortnite on iphone

Fortnite is no longer available to play on iPhone or iPad for a while now. Apple removed it from its App Store in the midst of an ongoing legal dispute against Epic Games, but the battle royale game is now available to iOS devices due of Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service. This article will explain how to start getting Fortnite working on the cloud gaming service. Continue reading to discover how to use it.

Apple took the game Fortnite from its App Store on August 2020 after the game’s developer Epic Games added a direct payment option to the game, in contravention of the App Store’s regulations. If you want to experience Fortnite on both the iPhone and iPad The positive reason is the Xbox Cloud Gaming service now is compatible with Fortnite this means that you can play the game on your iOS device with Safari or any other browser.

It is a service offered by Microsoft. Xbox Cloud Gaming service is available in 26 countries, and lets you play games streaming by a remote server using the web application, meaning you don’t have to download or install any game’s data on your iOS device. In addition, certain games are completely accessible for free – such as Fortnite. (The game has a large amount of in-app purchases but they’re completely optional).

In order to play, Fortnite using either your iPhone or iPad all you require is Wi-Fi and a Microsoft account (don’t be concerned if you don’t have one as the process of creating one is cost-free). Fortnite features touchscreen controls, which means using a controller isn’t required. You can be playing in a matter of minutes using these tips.

    • Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

    • Visit the website.

    • Tap Play For Free underneath the Fortnite graphic, which should be at the top of the website. (If you don’t see it, search for it in the games list.)

    • Tap Get Ready to Play on the next page.

how to play fortnite on iphone
  • Follow the onscreen prompt request to add the Xbox Cloud Gaming icon to your Home Screen: Tap Safari’s Share icon (the square with arrow pointing out), choose Add to Home Screen from the actions menu, then tap Add.

  • Now, tap the Cloud Gaming icon on your device’s Home Screen to open the Xbox service in a separate window.

how to play fortnite on iphone
  • Select Fortnite as the game you want to play.

  • ap the Sign In button and enter a Microsoft account. This can be a or even account – you don’t need to sign up for an Xbox subscription. (If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one for free.)

  • After you’ve signed in, you’ll be returned to the Fortnite page, where you can tap Play. Wait for the game to load, then tap Press to Start.

how to play fortnite on iphone

This is all you need to know about it. It’s now possible enjoy the game using an iPhone as well as iPad. Make sure you disable the orientation lock to allow you to play the game in full screen landscape orientation.

Be aware the fact that Xbox Cloud Gaming is a streaming web application and the game is played Fortnite on the server of a remote location, therefore you’ll need to connect to a Wi-Fi connection constantly to play the game and perform well. Performance will also depend on the performance of the internet connection.

It is important to note that Fortnite can be played with GeForce Now which is a different cross-platform subscription-based service which allows users access to hundreds of games on several devices.

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