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Herald Worldwide Technology Fund

Herald Worldwide Technology Fund

The Herald Worldwide Technology Fund is an Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) that aims to generate capital growth above the average rate of return for its category. The fund invests in quoted technology, communications, and multi-media companies worldwide. It also has a presence in the UK and North America. This article will discuss the fund’s performance, its Board of directors, and its portfolio holdings. Hopefully, you’ll find the information to be helpful.

Performance of HIML's technology fund

The Herald Worldwide Technology Fund (HRI) is an actively managed hedge fund that invests in smaller quoted technology companies. The fund’s investment strategy focuses on smaller technology companies, such as the UK’s HIML. Its focus on smaller companies has paid off as it has gained a reputation as a reliable provider of capital to smaller technology companies. As a result, the fund’s portfolio has grown from 324 positions at the end of December 2015 to 356 at the end of 2021.

While the fund is highly diversified, it remains sensitive to valuations and seeks to invest in companies that offer decent returns on capital and earnings growth. In addition, the team pays special attention to the competitive position of the company, as well as its products and markets. The fund seeks companies with clear competitive advantages. Moreover, the manager notes that the fund’s shares have gained more than double-digit returns over the past year.

Investments made by HIML

The Herald Worldwide Technology Fund has an impressive list of holdings, including some of the hottest tech companies around. The fund currently holds more than 350 companies, and the number of holdings will likely grow considerably by the end of 2020. Though a large number of companies may seem daunting, HRI’s investment team argues that they are better suited to follow the business model of smaller companies and get to know the management team personally.

The fund’s investment team includes eight analysts, including three with regional responsibility for overseas investments. The team is based in London with one member in New York. This presence is important to HRI, as the firm wishes to remain in close contact with companies in the US. Three consultants in New York are also available to support the fund. These experts are vital to the fund’s decision-making. The fund’s investment process is highly disciplined, and the analysts at HIML have a proven track record.

Board of directors

The HIML Herald Worldwide Technology Fund has a new director – Fati Walsh. Walsh is an experienced technology investor, who joined the company at the end of 2019. Her new role will be focused on the global technology sector. She has a Ph.D. in communications systems and is certified as an AWS Cloud Practitioner. If you are interested in learning more about HRI, you can read previous notes. The fund’s board of directors consists of a diverse group of technology experts.

The Board of directors consists of five members, all of whom are non-executive and are therefore independent of the investment manager. In April 2021, Tom Black was appointed chairman, replacing Ian Russel, who was the senior independent director. Other directors include James Will and Tom Black. Each director has a brief biography. The Board of Directors of the Herald Worldwide Technology Fund is composed of independent non-executive directors.

Portfolio holdings

The Herald Worldwide Technology Fund is an Open Ended Investment Company that aims to deliver capital growth above the market average by investing in quoted technology, communications, and multi-media companies. It invests worldwide in a variety of companies, including the UK and US. In particular, it targets investment in companies with high growth potential in the UK, US, and Asia. The fund’s portfolio includes a wide range of industries, including the Internet, software, and telecoms.

The funds are managed by Herald Investment Management Limited. The latest SEC filings show 107 total holdings. The latest valuation of the fund is $ 549,101,000 USD. The fund’s portfolio includes several large companies, including Pegasystems Inc. (US: PEGA), Silicon Motion Technology Corp. (ADR), Radware Ltd. (US: RDWR), and Mimecast Ltd. Despite being 81% US-focused, the fund’s overall value has grown by a massive 1,025% since its launch. So far this year, however, it has fallen 11.5%.

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