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split screen iphone

Split Screen IPhone

Split Screen IPhone

How to Use Split-Screen on iPhone or iPad

split screen iphone

Users who own iPhones and iPad are aware of how amazing apple products are. the combination of the two devices can outdo laptops or desktop computers to some amount. Multitasking has become something that laptops and desktop computers cannot offer. The positive thing is Apple has introduced a number of new and exciting features on Apple devices Multitasking is just one of the features. It is now possible to multitask using our iPhone or iPad quickly, which means that you can split screens with your iPhone or iPad right now. In this article, I will explain how to split screens using iPhone as well as an iPad.

Additionally, it is also the Dock is the key component of the split-screen function of Apple devices. Apple devises. Because all apps are available for launch, we need to install the dock. To set up your dock follow these steps:

  1. You can go to Settings on Your iPhone or iPad
  2. Click on Home Screen & Dock and then Multitasking.
  3. Turn on three controls to allow multiple apps, gestures, and Pictures in Picture.

These steps will ensure the greatest flexibility of this multitasking iPhone as well as iPad.

Split-screen on iPhone or iPad

Follow the below-mentioned steps to split screen on iPhone or iPad for multitasking:

1. Move icons

First, you must organize all the applications you’ve thought of using. It is just a matter of lining all the apps at one time. Tap and hold the app you would like to use and drag it to the dock. Be aware that the icon will be placed on the left of the divider that appears in the display. If you don’t want to use the apps, you can quit the app however, in the event that you want to utilize them again later for multitasking then you can put these apps in your dock.

2. Launch

If you’re using the primary app that you want to split your screen in and want the screen to be bigger, then open that app first. You can split the screen into 50:50 or 75:25 and it’s your decision to choose the primary app.

3. Swipe up

Once you have chosen and launched the primary app then swipe up to open the toolbar to be able to see other apps on the dock. Then, from the list, choose the second app that you’d like to split your screen in.

4. Select and drag

Hold the second app you want to select and drag it from the dock to launch the app. A rectangular-shaped window will be displayed in order to let you drag to the left or right of the screen to launch the second app.

5. Arrange

Now, you are able to organize the windows according to the size of your windows, such as 50:50 or 75:25.

6. Hide and show

If you’d like to block one of the apps then tap on the grey bar that is on the upper right-hand side of the screen and drag it towards the bottom screen. This will cause the screen to disappear for a short period, but not shut down the application. To reappear simply swipe it in by dragging it to the left.

7. Split the screen

Another tab appears located in the border by default, however, you can split the screen between both applications by tapping and holding the bar high-up on the tab. Drag it up or down depending on your preference. This will blur two tabs for a short time and divide the screen equally when you let go.

8. Turn off splitting

If you want to stop or stop multitasking on the iPhone or iPad it is necessary to go back to the settings and disable them.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Leave a comment and let us know if have any problems using the split-screen feature is active on iPhones or iPad. Be sure to connect with Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

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