Dongle Iphone

Dongle Iphone

What is Dongle iPhone

The iPhone 7, Dongles, and You

Dongle Iphone

The iPhone 7 is coming. It’s fresh and new. It’s brand new. According to most reports, it’s an acceptable phone. If you decide to purchase the latest iPhone 7 you will need something different. There may be a variety of things.

We are talking about dongles.

A dongle can be described as a converter also known as a translator. Dongles bridge between the past and the future. Dongles can be your greatest friend, but it can also be your biggest enemy. Dongles can be a nuisance but it is essential.

Here are some dongles you might want to think about.

The dongle that lets you use your old headphones

This is the primary dongle. The most basic dongle. With the news that Apple has shut down the headphone port the handy accessory is the only thing you’ll need to connect your old headphones as well as their 3.5mm plug on your new iPhone 7.

You will not require this dongle if you are using headphones that have an Lightning connector at the very end of the cord (like the headphones that came on iPhone 7). iPhone 7), or in the case that you are using headphones that don’t have cables at all. However, you’ll own this dongle. It’s a complimentary device that is included with the iPhone 7. If you do lose this dongle Apple offers an alternative dongle for $9.

The dongle that lets you charge your phone and use headphones (but not your old headphones) at the same time

The prior dongle is an excellent and free dongle however, it does have one flaw: There’s just one Lightning port located on the lower part of the iPhone 7, which means that you can charge your phone, or listen to your headphones and not the other.

Fortunately, there is another dongle. 

The $40 Belkin dongle has just one male Lightning connector that plugs directly into the back of your iPhone 7 and two female Lightning ports that you can plug it into. Now you’re ready to enjoy Podcasts or charge the battery at the same time.

Of course , if you wish to charge your old headphones using the 3.5mm plug, you’ll need additional headphones. In particular, you’ll need to connect your old headphones with the free dongle we mentioned, connect the dongle to this dongle, then plug the dongle into the iPhone 7. iPhone 7.

It is possible to completely stay clear of the issue that this dongle is designed to fix by changing to headphones that utilize Bluetooth for connecting to your mobile.

The ideal dongle (which does not yet exist)

The dongle, which does not exist, except in dream-worlds–has an 3.5mm port as well as an Lightning port. It allows you to use your headphones from the past as well as charge the phone at the same time and without having to plug another dongle into the dongle. If this tiny device existed, it would perform the same job as two dongles, all in one compact, space-saving device.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this intriguing dongle.

The ideal dongle which is not actually a dongle

This gadget lets listen to music with the older 3.5mm headphones while at the as charging the iPhone 7 using a Lightning cable. Ideal! The problem is that this device is not an actual dongle, but instead than a stationary dongle sometimes referred to as dock. Apple can sell this device for $50.

We'd love to have it available in dongle form one day.

The dongle for listening to music in your oldish car

quire an external dongle. However, please do not drive while wearing headphones as it is generally considered unsafe and illegal.

The dongle that is a whole other can of worms

This dongle comes from a different time. Try not to use this dongle. 

If you own an older vehicle but have a brand new iPhone 7, this $19 dongle might be a great dongle. The dongle plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car to power it, then connect to your brand new iPhone via Bluetooth, and then broadcast the music you have on your device into an AM radio station which you can listen to through to your car’s radio. Additional bonus feature: This dongle also features a USB port.

However, you might not require this dongle. When your vehicle’s more modern and has Apple’s “Carplay” or other smart features that let it join with your iPhone without any dongles whatsoever. If your car isn’t only old but also rather old, it might include a tape deck. Do you remember those tape adapters which have wires coming out of them, and that connect in a male 3.5mm plugs? It is possible to plug it into the no-cost Apple dongle and connect it to your smartphone. Easy breezy.

If your car is equipped with a 3.5mm located on the dash and you want to connect your brand new iPhone 7 and car with a male 3.5mm-to-male Lightning cord. Theoretically, anyway. However, the cord of such a type isn’t yet in existence.


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