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New Life Technology Group

New Life Technology Group

New Life Technology Group

New Life Technology Group focuses on personal and social counseling and is working to make computers available to people in need. The organization also does its part to reduce electronic waste by collecting donated computers. This article will examine their branding strategy and how they are tackling this issue. Read on to discover the process they go through in branding. After reading the article, you’ll be inspired to donate your old electronics! Read on for more information about this organization and their mission!

Rocket IT's partnership with New Life Technology Group

Through a partnership with New Life Technology Group, Rocket IT is helping Metro Atlanta residents recycle electronics. The company will host an E-cycle event, collecting unwanted electronics. Customers can drop off unwanted electronics at the company’s headquarters or bring them to the E-cycle event. The donations will be tax-deductible through the New Life Technology Group. The company is proud to support local organizations by working with local communities and businesses to reduce electronic waste.

Dr. Shah has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Rocket IT in September. Prior to joining Rocket, Dr. Shah held various leadership roles at Novartis. He was the Global Program Head for CART-19 and was also the Global Clinical Leader for Afinitor. Prior to joining Rocket IT, he spent three years as the Medical Director of Eli Lilly and Company, where he participated in several drug development programs, including the commercialization of CTL-019 in pediatric ALL.

Mr. Southwell has been with Rocket IT since 2022. He was previously the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Legend Biotech, where he raised more than $1 billion from top investors. He also held leadership roles in Corporate Communications and Financial Planning & Analysis at the company. He has extensive experience in biotechnology as an Equity Research Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he built over thirty dynamic financial models.

New Life Technology Group's mission

The Newlife suite of solutions connects creators and industries to make the creative process more accessible and efficient. By enabling remote collaboration, reducing externalities, and offering new revenue streams to creators, this ecosystem makes creativity accessible to everyone. By connecting creators, brands, and consumers through Newlife’s AI technologies, the organization transforms creative signals into revenue for creators and companies. Furthermore, it creates a more sustainable industry through smart data processing.

This partnership with local Christians has yielded unprecedented results in northeast Thailand. Since New Life’s initial film showing, Christian groups began cropping up all over the region. Even Buddhists who had never heard of Christ were converted and accepted Him as their Savior. These groups are then led by trained local Christians who share the Gospel with group members. Today, there are 153310 group members in northeast Thailand. For the first time, this program has led to a significant number of new believers.

During the 1990s, Campus Crusade will model New Life 2000 in Manila, Philippines. It will consist of a series of four to eight-week projects. The projects will involve 7,000 to 10,000 people. During these projects, New Life will have two main objectives: to reach the Filipinos and to teach them how to be spiritual multipliers. This model is part of New Life 2000’s mission.

Contactless electronics recycling drive

The Contactless electronics recycling drive from New Life Technology Group is one of many ways to recycle electronic devices. This group is a nonprofit organization in Georgia that offers electronic device recycling. They accept all types of electronic devices. While many people worry that there is still information on these devices, Live Thrive Atlanta goes through a rigorous process to ensure that all data is removed from them. The electronics go through three different magnetic machines before they are processed.

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