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Top 10 must-have skills for Front-end Developers

Top 10 must-have skills for Front-end Developers

Websites are internet locations for users to interact globally through virtual connections. But a website must be beautifully designed so that a user can conveniently interact with the interface anytime. The visible site of the web is developed with different programming languages to make it clear. It means it is a very hard job and an experienced front-end developer is required for designing a creative and attractive website.

The following must-have skills:

Programming Languages (HTML/CSS):

There are a lot of programming languages present for computer coding but for the front end of the webpage, he/she must have a good understanding of HTML/CSS. HTML stands for hypertext mark-up language and is necessary for coding of different contents under different tabs of a webpage whereas CSS language is used simultaneously with HTML to give creative design/visuals of the webpage and format the webpage attractively

JS Query/JavaScript:

It is always used to design android/mobile apps. It is a high-level language mostly used for the functioning of the webpage that shows a designed webpage by using HTML/CSS functions. It would function by JS Query coding. The JS Query coding controls the scrolling of web pages, audio/video information, and gaming purposes.


He/she must have a great command of the HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding of the webpages, games, or any other mobile apps. It is the technical thing to create the best webpage. If there is a little mistake that happened during the coding of a webpage the whole website would all go in vain and he/she would not find that little mistake easily.


It is the skill of checking the webpages for bugs regularly, as the bugs make the web pages full of errors or let in viruses, so the client would be annoyed. He/she must have a good understanding of testing and debugging of errors.

Responsive Design

The web pages are automatically set on the devices with which the users interact, so a web developer should be able to create a website that looks good and operates well on different devices. He/she must know about the responsive designs of different gadgets through which a web portal can be opened even if it is a mobile watch or desktop computer.

Best development practices:

He/she must be familiar with the improved practices globally used by web development engineers and should have a good command of them to acquire successful high-budget projects.

Familiarity with diverse layouts of the database:

A good developer must-have understanding of these two-tier databases:

User interface: the webpage developed by he/she must be user-friendly and he/she must have the know-how about the user interface.

Data Tier: he/she must be familiar with data contents presented in the web pages, be familiar with different types of data, how to find it and interact with it.

Business layer: It is essential for developing a business webpage to have an understanding about what are business operations, performance, and executions, and how the webpage of a business is designed for these functions in an allotted budget.

Good control on version development:

He/she must be able to create a new version of its web pages or anything he/she designed with proper alignment with previous versions he/she developed and allow the new version to take data anytime from the previous version for better performance

Assets management:

Developers must know the budget of the project and how to manage all the assets economically to make the best website  within a certain budget.

Web Performance:

A good front-end developer makes a good website and regularly monitors its performance to check whether it has some ambiguity, errors, viruses, or whether it is easily accessible for the final client without any inconvenience.

At last, a good front-end developer must have professional skills and the basics of computer knowledge, without these skills he/she wouldn’t be able to create good websites.

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