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BigScoots vs SiteGround

BigScoots vs SiteGround – Pricing & Deals Comparison

BigScoots vs SiteGround - Pricing & Deals Comparison

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With so many web hosting companies out there, it is essential to look at more than one web hosting company before settling to buy a hosting. A choice can be made by looking at your requirements at the web hosting company is offering. In this article, we are comparing two of the finest web hosting companies; BigScoots and SiteGround.


BigScoots offers several types of web hosting services, many of which are managed. This variety in its web hosting plans makes BigScoots a great option. BigScoots’ customer support is another thing you must appreciate. They have human support available 24/7 throughout the year.


SiteGround is another web hosting company that offers a variety of web hosting plans. The prices of their plans attract a lot of customers. The performance of their web hosting cannot be ignored also. They are one of the top-performing companies in the web hosting industry out there.


BigScoots and SiteGround both are great web hosting companies. However, both are not the same. They offer almost a similar variety of plans, but some of their features are completely different from one another.

Keep reading till the end to find out all the differences and similarities between BigScoots and SiteGround.

BigScoots VS SiteGround: Key Comparison Points

BigScoots and SiteGround both make great web hosting choices for anyone out there. However, in some aspects, one outshines the other while in others, it’s the opposite. BigScoots wins customer support and performance. And SiteGround can reduce the cost.

To give you an idea of how similar and different BigScoots and SiteGround are, the following are the key comparison points:


  • The starting price of the cheapest BigScoots web hosting plan is only $6.95 a month. SiteGround’s web hosting plans start from $3.99 a month.
  • BigScoots offers managed WordPress and other managed hosting services. The WordPress plans of SiteGround are unmanaged. Hence, the cheaper price.
  • BigScoots is known for its top-of-the-mark customer support which is always there to help its customers regarding any issues they are facing.
  • SiteGround’s performance and cost reduction make it an interesting choice to get. They also have plenty of features included in their plans.
  • SiteGround offers 3 plans for its basic hosting. The last 2 plans allow unlimited websites to be included in it.
  • BigScoots has Managed WordPress, Managed VPS, and Managed Dedicated hosting plans. And similar to SiteGround, they also have a reseller hosting service.
  • BigScoots also include a lot of resources with its hosting plans. And similarly, SiteGround does not limit the traffic on your website.

BigScoots Overview And Pricing

BigScoots is not an ordinary web hosting provider given the performance and management that it has. Their web hosting services comprise several types of hosting plans. These include general web hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Managed VPS, Reseller Hosting, and Managed Dedicated Hosting.

All of the plans of BigScoots are priced in a fair way so more people can afford to get a high-quality hosting. There are also regular discounts offered by BigScoots at grabhosts. These are offered through the BigScoots promo codes which you can find at this coupons website.

Each of BigScoots’ web hosting services has 3 or more pricing plans. The cheapest of them all is only $6.95 a month. The pricing plans of BigScoots are all billed annually in general.

Apart from all that, BigScoots also includes some great features in its pricing plans.

BigScoots Pricing

Here, we will provide you with the starting prices of each of BigScoots’ web hosting services. There are more than 3 web hosting services offered by BigScoots currently. All the plans for these services are designed to serve the most people possible.

The details are given below:


  • The starting price of BigScoots shared web hosting plans is only $6.95 a month
  • BigScoots’ Managed WordPress Hosting will cost you $31.46 a month
  • The BigScoots Managed VPS Hosting plans start at $50 per month
  • BigScoots’ Managed Dedicated Hosting has a starting price of $220.85 per month
  • Lastly, BigScoots charges a monthly fee of $19.95 for its Reseller Hosting plans

SiteGround Overview And Pricing

SiteGround is one of the most underrated web hosting companies out there. Its web hosting is fast, secure, and reliable. And to add to that, the prices are cheaper than many out there. And to be fair, that’s all you expect from a top web hosting company. SiteGround offers web hosting services of many different types.


They include plenty of resources and fruitful features in their plans. This is what brings them more customers. The customer support of SiteGround is also no weaker than any other company.


SiteGround offers web hosting plans for shared hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting. The pricing details of all these plans are discussed below.

SiteGround Pricing

All of the plans of SiteGround are affordable and comply with the industry standard. The starting price for each of their web hosting is given below:

  • SiteGround shared hosting and WordPress hosting starting at $3.99 monthly
  • The SiteGround WooCommerce hosting has a starting price of $3.99 as well
  • The Reseller Hosting plans of SiteGround start at $6.69 per month
  • Lastly, SiteGround’s cloud hosting starts at $100 a month

BigScoots VS SiteGround: Deals Comparison

These two companies are quite similar in many aspects. However, their pricing system couldn’t have been more different. The cheapest plan of BigScoots costs $6.95 a month. While SiteGround’s cheapest plan costs only $3.99 per month.


You don’t have to worry though; both companies offer regular discounts and coupons. The BigScoots promo codes found on this coupon website will save you up to 90% on it. That sorts out the difference in prices quite nicely.

BigScoots VS SiteGround: Final Words

The two top web hosting companies, BigScoots and SiteGround, both offer the same types of web hosting services. The main difference is that BigScoots provides managed hosting services while SiteGround doesn’t. And that is the reason for the difference in pricing.

To cut things short, anyone looking for performance and great customer support should be going with BigScoots. While someone who is looking for reliable hosting and cheaper plans should buy SiteGround’s hosting.

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