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TD science and technology fund

TD science and technology fund

TD science and technology fund

TD Science and Technology Fund (NYSE:TDO)

The TD Science and Technology Fund (NYSE: TDO) is a great buy for aggressive investors. Its holdings include Facebook, Tesla Motors, NXP Semiconductors, Take-Two Interactive Software, Alibaba Group, FANUC Corp., and Microchip Technology. The fund’s top holdings are Facebook, Microchip Technology, and Take-Two Interactive Software. It also includes Alphabet, Broadcom, and Tencent Holdings.

Portfolio holdings

The TD Science and Technology Fund invests in a variety of science and technology companies. Its primary objective is long-term capital appreciation. It does so by investing in equity securities of companies engaged in science and technology. Performance is measured over a 12-month period in the currency of the fund’s holdings. The fund’s portfolio includes such stocks as Tesla Motors, Facebook, NXP Semiconductors, Alibaba Group, Broadcom, FANUC Corp., and Tencent Holdings. The fund is a good buy for aggressive investors.


TD’s Science and  Technology Fund is a top pick for aggressive investors. Its top holdings include Tesla Motors, Facebook, Microchip Technology, Take-Two Interactive Software, NXP Semiconductors, FANUC Corp., Alibaba Group, and Tencent Holdings. The Fund’s performance is reported monthly and is calculated in the currency indicated. The Fund is held in a diversified portfolio that invests in companies that make a difference in society.

This fund’s performance has been a strong one. It has delivered an annual compounded return of 27.7% over the five years ended August 31, 2018. The S&P 500, by comparison, lost 21.6%. It also had an average portfolio turnover of 100% over the past five years. The fund’s volatility translates to higher short-term performance but is unlikely to last. However, the fund’s overall performance is much stronger than the S&P 500’s.

Expense ratios

The fundamental investment objective of the TD Science and Technology Fund is long-term capital appreciation. The Fund invests primarily in equity securities of technology and science-related companies. The Fund’s expense ratios are stated as a percentage of average daily returns. The expense ratios for the Investor Series and eSeries units are shown below. They reflect the expenses of the fund as of the most recent prospectus.

The Center for American Progress calculated the expense ratios of the top 10 asset gatherers. Most of these funds had expense ratios below 0.5%. Expense ratios are higher for actively managed funds, which require more staff to research investments and pay fees associated with buying component investments. For example, the TD Science and Technology Fund’s expense ratio is 0.25% higher than the expense ratios of its largest rival, the Vanguard Science and Technology Fund.

Top holdings

The TD Science and Technology Fund invests in companies in science, technology, and related fields. Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Google, and Qualcomm are among the fund’s top holdings. The fund also holds stocks in Intel, Red Hat, Cisco, and Texas Instruments. But it’s not for novice investors. The fund’s top holdings are only representative of the aggressive investment style. If you’re an aggressive investor, you’ll want to look at the fund’s risks and rewards before investing.

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