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First, I can discuss the concept of sustainable development and intellectual capital. Sustainable development is that the concept of human society must live and meet the necessity of this without compromising the power of the longer term to satisfy their own need. Similarly, in organization employees and managers of the organization perform work hard in the present to meet their organization’s needs and deal with any type of problem regarding management, organization growth, and innovation. Managers and employees of the organization perform effectively and efficiently to manage organization resources and take a risk of hesitation. The organization’s goal of sustainable development to address the global challenges including inequality between employees, climatic changes, and environment and injustice between employees. Inequality is injustice effect on the organization’s sustainable development growth and innovation. Climatic changes and environment are also affected on employee performance they cannot do work properly motivation power of employees decrease and cannot grow organization infrastructure. Due to these factors they cannot tackle an increasingly competitive environment and can lead to consideration for the organization, so it is necessary to reduce inequality injustice and maintain a balance between employees and struggle to adopt changes in the organization.

Now, the concept of intellectual capital through the organization. Intellectual capital the business assets, it includes intangible and goodwill. The organization must spend much time and resources developing management expertise and training its employees in business-specific areas to handle any difficult situation. The organization hires good employees and systematically transferring knowledge to other employees and to transfer knowledge into structure capital. The important factor in the organization is to force the development of innovative strategic planning approaches. It is a relation with customers and partners, innovation efforts, the infrastructure of the organization, and the knowledge and skill of the member of the organization. The discussion of sustainable development in the organization through intellectual capital is an important and interesting topic regarding how to innovate and compete with other competitors. Better sustainable development growth is necessary to have knowledge, experience, and expertise to attain goals and every organization need innovation and its target are to attain a more customer and a goal to achieve higher revenue and generate a very high income. Profitability is an important factor in an organization if we attain a higher organization profit will grow more. So, it is necessary to make a strategy and policies to handle both socially and economically both and also need a proper training experience employee and must have the knowledge to tackle any complex problems and make a decision and determine a proper solution of the problems.

Sustainable development in the organization through intellectual capital needs innovation and development need in the organization. So, the main factor for organization success is to have a training worker provide a better and positive climatic and environmental facility and reducing the injustice between employees and provide equal opportunities between employees. These things grow organization effectiveness and organization build very rapidly and grow fast and deal with the other competitors and face this technological era.

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