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Samsung Galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Introduction of the company (samsung):

Samsung is a South Korean multinational electronic company. It is founded on 1 March 1938 in Japanese Korea. The founder of the company is Lee Byung Chul. It’s headquartered located in Samsung Town, Seoul. It is a private company it can trade its products around the globe. It can design a lot of products its product is used all over the world. Samsung company is making a lot of progress in Pakistan. Its product is liked not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Their specialty Is that they sell their product at lower prices. If customers is satisfied with their policies and strategies build customer satisfaction because customers need to demand high quality at lower prices. If satisfied, customer need and demand develop a willingness to buy a product and the selling and demand of production increases and the company generate a higher income and earn more profit one more important thing is that every type of class ( lower, middle, or upper) man can buy this product because they have a lot of products at reasonable prices. Price of the product is based on product features and Technologies.


Samsung galaxy fold is the best future mobile phone that provides dual-screen features and its technologies and feature reflect the people and develop a desire to buy a Samsung mobile phone. 

Samsung galaxy fold:

Samsung galaxy fold is an android base foldable smartphone developed by Samsung electronics. It was founded on September 6 2019 in South Korea. It has a lot of camera features, best design, powerful android system, higher GB Ram, sound and connectivity are very powerful and technically very strong. These features generate a higher income for the product and earn a higher profit and easily grab the customer attraction.

Samsung galaxy fold is a very innovative mobile phone it has a lot of features and technologies to attract a consumer and willingness to buy a product. Quality-wise this product is the great customer is very impressed by it and secondly, it can provide a peaceful environment and deal with our customer peacefully and sincerely.

In every business customer willingness and customer satisfaction is important because if the buyer is satisfied with our product, sale and profit systematically increase. Galaxy fold provides an excellent opportunity to our buyer it can provide a tremendous feature and technologies

  • It is a dual screen mobile phone
  • Samsung galaxy fold may be a foldable mobile phone with 7.3-inch interior screen
  • Outer display is 4.6 inches
  • It is a very expensive mobile phone
  • Trading of this product around the globe
  • It has a very advance technologies and feature to attract customer willingness
  • Galaxy fold is the future smart phone and it build 9.0 android system
  • It has a dual sim and color of product is black
  • Technology feature include touchscreen, 16M colour and multitouch
  • Camera feature is very best it has triple camera and 12 GB RAM
  • This product continually grows and increase their sale and earn a higher profit and move toward more innovation

Galaxy fold develop a strategy to attract our customer

  • Developing a superior product building an image of samsung galaxy fold as a high quality
  • Limited growth strategy is used to promote the way of growing the product more innovative
  • Price should be right to attract the buyer
  • Portray the benefit and feature of the product by creating advertisement for the audience to be convinced

These features and strategies attract customer satisfaction and increase willingness ability to buy this product and ready to pay a higher price for the mobile phone. Production of the product grows more, and the product generates a more profitable and compete with other competitor and maintain a position and build an image and become the best producer and Innovative marketer.

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