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Magento Commerce vs. Magento Open Source

Magento Commerce vs. Magento Open Source

Magento Commerce vs. Magento Open Source

Business houses (organizations/enterprises) mostly used online platforms for developing their commerce websites. Magento is one of them. Magento is an online commerce website platform that is specifically designed to develop such an enterprise web portal through which the organizations could interact with their customers effectively and in an innovative way by using unique features and selling their products/ services.

Magento platform is further divided into two main categories:

1. Magento Commerce (MC)


2. Magento Open Source (MOS)

1. Magento Commerce:

Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce was previously known as Magento Enterprise. It has been developed and released on 11 April 2016 and serves as a service as an e-commerce web portal. Newer Magento commerce has advanced features and is a paid version designed especially for enterprises; small, medium, and large size organizations. As it is a paid version it is also known as the premium version of Magento.

Characteristics of Magento Commerce:

● It provides suggestions, personalization, promotions, discounts, and SEOs for merchandising or marketing of products and services offered by enterprises.

● Provide content organization, the configuration of the product, searching and filtering of products according to the perceptions of customers’.

● Enterprises can check the order processing, shipping, taxation, payment, and order management of the orders. 

● This e-commerce type of Magento platform provides customization, client management, safety, and security as well as performance and reliability.

● Also, provide the facility of payment yearly subscription of the entire plan which also include implementation cost.

2. Magento Open Source:

Magento Open Source

Magento open-source was previously known as Magento Community Edition. It has been released in 2007. A fresh release of Magento open source has advanced features provided openly and freely version designed especially for enterprises who want to just start their business means beginning traders. As it is an open-source version so, it is also known as the free version of Magento e-commerce websites.

Characteristics of Magento Open Source:

Characteristics of Magento Open Source

Magento open source has the following features:

● It offers marketing, promotions, and discounts on the orders issued by the customers with a free shipping option but to a limited extent.

● It has user-friendly and internet-friendly websites that best suits with SEOs.

● It has the feature of catalog management of diverse products at a time on the same page, as only one click can open the desired webpage.

● It has utilized purely 100% customized developed templates.

● Provides customer accounts through trouble-free access as well as provides 24/7 customer service to their clients online.

Differentiation among MC and MOS:

1. The basic differences among these 2 categories of Mag e-commerce platforms are: MC has the feature of introducing, supportive facilities, as well as suitable repairing system offered to the organizations whereas MOS has to ensure these features of introducing and appropriate repairs by themselves.

2. Also, the MC and MOS have differentiation regarding the cost of implementation as approximately 22K/year. 

MC designed for whom:

MC has been designed and developed for virtual enterprises/stores that wish to operate successfully with complete automated introducing and maintenance facilities with a higher budget. An enterprise needs to use Magento commerce if it has a large project with a high budget because if the enterprise (whether small, medium, or large size) or virtual chain store which has a small project or low-cost budget then this e-commerce program proves expensive for them.

MOS designed for whom:

MOS is the best suitable for fresher businesses or small enterprises as it provides free services but up to a limited extent. Fresh entrepreneurs who wish to design an authentic website for their customers to interact with them easily used Magento open source and not go for Magento Commerce.  

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