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Brighton Jewelry

Brighton Jewelry

Brighton Jewelry

Brighton Jewelry - Accessorize Your Look With Charms, Amulets, Beads, and More

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry to wear to a special occasion, you might want to consider purchasing a piece of Brighton jewelry. This type of jewelry is often made of sterling silver and includes charms, amulets, beads, and more. These items are available for purchase in many online stores and boutiques.


If you’re looking for a fashionable way to accentuate your wrist, consider the charms of Brighton jewelry. These pieces can be worn on many different occasions and will certainly add a spark to your look. Whether you’re looking for a simple leather cuff or an inspired metal design, you can find a piece that suits your taste and style.

To maintain your Brighton jewelry, you should always wipe it down after wearing it. This prevents it from getting damaged by the oils on your skin. You should also avoid getting your jewelry wet – moisture can break down the lacquer and cause it to tarnish quickly. The last thing you want to do is put your jewelry on when you’re going to bed – the last thing you want is moisture getting on your beautiful charms.

The charms of Brighton jewelry are often made from brass or zinc alloy, which are then plated with pure silver. As a result, they are very durable and can last a very long time. This makes them a great choice for any occasion.


Amulets of Brighton are an iconic fashion accessory made by the Brighton jewelry company. These pieces are crafted in a multi-step process using brass or zinc alloy plated in pure silver. Their designs are meant to be worn by women who want to adorn themselves with style and elegance.

Amulets of Brighton jewelry can be made in many different styles. Charms, pendants, earrings, and rings are just a few of the options available. Some pieces are even made of leather. You can buy leather amulet holders to make your amulet necklace look opulent.


If you want to wear colorful beads but don’t want to spend a fortune, check out Brighton jewelry. This brand sells handmade jewelry, and they also carry jewelry that is not made in China. You can find their jewelry at over 5,000 retail locations. They also have five outlet stores.

Brighton jewelry is made from metal cores plated in silver on the outside. This makes them easy to clean and maintain. They are also quite durable. You can choose from many colors and designs, and you can even create unique combinations. You can even wear a piece that has birthstones on it.

When buying Brighton jewelry, make sure to read the label carefully. This is an important step for keeping your jewelry in good condition. Some pieces have gemstones and crystals and are quite expensive. Be sure to follow the care instructions to prevent them from breaking. You should also take special care to keep your Brighton jewelry clean. You should never soak your jewelry in water. Water weakens the lacquer coating, and chemicals in jewelry cleaning solutions can damage it. You should also take the time to wipe down your Brighton jewelry after each use.

Sterling silver

The Brighton jewelry line is known for its sterling silver pieces, but they also make other types of jewelry as well. While the majority of Brighton jewelry pieces are made from sterling silver, many other pieces are made of solid brass or zinc. The silver is added as a protective layer over the zinc or brass so that it is resistant to scratches. In addition, most Brighton pieces are fitted with sterling silver lever backs and French wires for added durability.

Brighton jewelry is not made from 100% sterling silver, but it is made from a solid metal core, which makes it an ideal gift item. Although the pieces may be silver-plated, they still have a natural look and feel. Many Brighton pieces also have natural gemstones on them, which make them perfect gifts for a loved one.

When purchasing Brighton jewelry, it’s important to check the authenticity of the material. The jewelry should be stamped “sterling” on the back to ensure authenticity. Because of the large number of imitations, it can be difficult to determine which pieces are genuine Brighton. You can also ask for a custom-made piece if you have an extra specific color in mind. However, you must keep in mind that customizing jewelry can make it more expensive.


Brighton jewelry is a great way to accessorize your look. It features chunky silver pieces set against a black background and decorated with intricate scroll work. If you’re looking for an affordable way to add a new element to your wardrobe, consider purchasing a piece of Brighton jewelry. The pieces will last a lifetime and look great on any body type.

The Brighton area is home to several shops that sell antique jewelry. The Witch Ball, a quaint store located on Meeting House Lane, is one of the most popular spots for shopping for Brighton jewelry. This store has been in business for 45 years and offers an eclectic range of antique items. The shop also has a selection of vintage jewelry, Whitby jet jewelry, and diamond earrings.


You can find an incredible variety of stones and other pieces of jewelry at Crystals in Brighton. The shop specializes in gemstones, including semi-precious stones. It also sells sterling silver and gold jewelry. The prices vary, depending on the type of stone and the amount of work done.

The Crystal Shop staff are knowledgeable about crystals and can identify them from sight. They also carry reference books and can look up specific properties of the crystals. These knowledgeable professionals can help you find the perfect crystal for your jewelry needs. The prices are also competitive and you can easily afford their high-quality products.

Brighton also sells a wide range of charms, amulets, and beads. Many of their pieces can be personalized based on your personality and inspiration. You can wear a necklace, bracelet, or earring that has a special meaning to you or your loved one. You can even buy a piece of jewelry to match your handbag, shoes, and other accessories. Just keep in mind that customization will raise the price of the jewelry, so choose carefully.

The Brighton brand has been creating high-quality jewelry for over 40 years. It uses a multi-step process to produce its jewelry. The metal core is made of solid brass or zinc alloy and then plated with pure silver. This process ensures that Brighton jewelry is durable and easy to clean.


Whether you are looking for a simple piece of jewelry or a beautiful collection, Brighton jewelry is a perfect choice. You can choose to wear your Brighton pieces on their own or layer them with other pieces. Brighton also makes some beautiful watches that turn regular watches into stylish timepieces. Each of their pieces is unique and has its own special feature.

As with any type of jewelry, you need to take care of your Brighton jewelry to keep its beauty. The double lacquer finish on their pieces protects them from tarnishing. This coating increases the sparkle and shine of the jewelry and extends its life. It is also important to store your Brighton jewelry properly.

When cleaning your Brighton jewelry, it is best to use a soft cloth. This cloth will help you remove any stains, but you should be gentle. Never rub the jewelry too hard, as it can harm the exterior. It is also important to rinse the jewelry thoroughly with clean water. Then, dry it using a dry cloth.

In order to protect your Brighton jewelry from tarnishing, keep it dry. Sweat and water can cause the lacquer to break down and make it tarnish. If you are going to wear your jewelry while exercising or working, remove it first and store it separately. This will prevent tarnish and extend the life of your jewelry.

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