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Turkish Earrings

Turkish Earrings

Turkish Earrings

Handmade Turkish Earrings

If you are looking for a pair of beautiful, handmade Turkish earrings, you have come to the right place. TheseĀ earrings are crafted in oxidized silver-plated copper and are inspired by ottoman jewelry. The backside of these earrings is blank and does not have a pattern. These earrings are a great way to add a bit of history to your ensemble.

Ancient turkish earrings

These stunning Ancient Turkish earrings were made from oxidized copper and silver. Inspired by Ottoman jewelry, these stunning earrings are handcrafted. Each piece features a pattern on one side and has a back with no pattern. If you want to wear these stunning pieces of jewelry, you should know a little about the history of the country that produced them.

Originally from Turkey, these earrings are very delicate and beautiful and are a perfect accompaniment to a special dinner party. They are also perfect for a romantic evening out with your partner. And what’s more, they are incredibly comfortable! If you’re considering purchasing a pair of Ancient Turkish earrings, consider all of the information about them and their history.

The 16th century was the golden age for Turkish jewelry. This was the time when the Ottoman Empire was expanding and the number of precious stones became more abundant. In 1455, Sultan Suleyman, better known as Suleiman the Magnificent, opened the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It was during this time that Turkish jewellery began to evolve.

The Ottoman Empire was home to an abundance of skilled jewellers. Suleiman the Magnificent had over 90 jewellers working in his palace. They were mostly Armenian and Christian but they also employed Jews. The Ottoman Empire also saw a large influx of European Goldsmiths, who migrated to Constantinople to learn the craft.

Post-back hammered metal

Turkish earrings are typically post-backed and feature rose-cut stones. These post-back earrings have a rustic, weathered look. In addition to their beautiful design, they are made of high-quality hammered metal. They are handcrafted and are very comfortable to wear.

Rose-cut stone

Turkish earrings with rose-cut stone are a classic style that is sure to impress. These earrings have hammered metal post backing and are in excellent condition. The stone has been cut into a rose shape and is surrounded by gold accents. These earrings are handcrafted in Turkey and are a unique way to express your love and affection.

Rose-cut diamonds were first used in the 1500s and gained popularity during the Victorian era. During this time, the cut was a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. This type of diamond was hand-cut, which gave the piece a uniqueness that appealed to buyers. Today, rose-cut diamonds remain popular amongst collectors of antique jewellery.

Rose-cut diamonds are available in many styles and colors. There are three main variations of the rose-cut diamond. The Single Rose Cut has a single layer of facets, while the Cushion Rose Cut has two layers, one on each side. The Double Rose Cut, also known as the Double Dutch Rose Cut, features two additional layers of facets.

Another variety is the Brabant Rose Cut, which is a more modern version of the Rose Cut diamond. The Barbant Rose Cut has 12 facets and is similar to the Pendeloque Rose cut. The Barbant Rose Cut has a flat bottom and a raised base, so it will have less sparkle than the other designs.


The timeless style of these huge Turkish earrings is made even more beautiful with the inclusion of semi-precious stones and cutouts. These earrings are an excellent choice for any occasion, whether formal or casual. Moreover, they come with a latch design, making them very comfortable to wear. In addition, these earrings are also made with 14k gold.

Huggies are very versatile and can be used for several types of piercings. While they are most commonly used in lobe piercing, they are also suitable for helix, forward helix, and tragus piercing. It is important to remember that these earrings have different fastening methods, so it is important to determine the one that is most comfortable for you.

Chandelier earrings

Turkish chandelier earrings are an elegant and beautiful way to wear a statement piece. The scrollwork on these handcrafted pieces is hand-forged from solid metal. The ear wires are made from sterling silver. They are made to order and ship within three to five business days. Bronze and copper pieces are treated to prevent tarnishing and each piece is matched carefully. Each piece is packaged in a gift box with a Nora Catherine art print.

In the Ottoman Empire, elaborate jewelry was a favored accessory. Women loved to wear earrings with embellishments and the more ostentatious the better. Turkish chandelier earrings are an excellent example of this trend and are made from silver or ornamental metal. This type of jewelry is perfect for a gypsy or bohemian wedding.

These chandelier earrings feature a half-moon hoop and a chandelier design. They are decorated with maroon-colored beads and silver sterling plated connectors. The earrings are handmade in Turkey and come with a French hook closure. When worn, these earrings will add a traditional flair to your look.

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