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Pink Taco in Boston

Pink Taco in Boston

Pink Taco in Boston

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Boston, consider visiting Pink Taco. Located near the Boston Fire Museum, this place serves delicious Mexican cuisine. You’ll find fried prawns, chips, and guacamole, as well as desserts like churros and brownies. You can even try a drink, like a Sangria, at the bar.


When you’re in Boston, you’ll want to check out the Pink Taco menu. The menu features dishes like the PINK TACOS, FAJITA ENTREE, and ENCHILADA ENTREE. You can even order pink tacos online and have them delivered right to your door.

You can also try their Gospel of Pink cocktail, which contains tequila, strawberry-beet agave, and lime juice. This drink comes in both frozen and on-the-rocks options. The Gospel of Pink cocktail was invented by Harry Morton, the son of the co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe.

The restaurant has gained a following among celebrities and locals alike. It has opened a new location in the Navy Yard and will open a new one in New York City this year at 7 Times Square. The Navy Yard location is located just a few blocks from the Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro station. El Bebe is located across the street and serves similar Mexican fare.

Delivery fees

If you’re in Boston, you can order food from Pink Taco using the Uber Eats app. You can browse the menu and add items to your cart before you place your order. You can then track your order and review it if necessary. To place an order through Uber Eats, you can enter your Boston address into the app.

You can also schedule your delivery. Most restaurants will require you to provide a credit card to secure your reservation. This helps avoid no-shows and ensures you are placing a real booking. You can even schedule the delivery time when you place your order, depending on your preference. Just make sure you look for a time slot when you check out.

Pink Taco has announced that it plans to open two more locations in Boston by 2022. Founded by restaurateur Harry Morton, the popular chain has become known for its innovative tacos, farm-fresh ingredients, and signature cocktails. Its accelerated growth strategy aims to maximize the potential of its brand by expanding into urban centers. Boston is a key gateway city for the company, so it makes perfect sense to take it there. Its unique combination of tasty food and a fun, rock-and-roll atmosphere has sucked in customers and gained a loyal following.


If you are in Boston and looking for the perfect Mexican food, you should check out Pink Taco’s Boston location. You can view their menu online and order a variety of tacos and sides. They also have delivery services in Boston. You can order online, pick up your order, and have it delivered to your doorstep!

The menu at Pink Taco is diverse and covers all bases. You can get an adobo chicken taco, a tinga, and Mexican-style corn on the cob. There are also several margaritas to choose from. The restaurant is popular among celebrities, who flock here to get their fix.

Besides its new location in Boston, Pink Taco has other plans in the area. It will open a location in the Seaport District, an area that has plenty of Mexican restaurants. The new location will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will also have late-night hours. Besides tacos, the menu will also feature specialties from the Pink Taco kitchen. The menu will feature taco bowls, enchiladas, fajitas, and more, and will be accompanied by their signature margaritas.

The new Pink Taco Boston location will open on October 7th. During the opening weekend, the chain will deploy a pink truck that will roam around Seaport Boulevard on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, the truck will be decorated with Calavera-style skeletons riding pink flamingos. While the truck won’t be selling food, the crew will be selling apparel and giving out giveaways.

Wait service

If you’re looking for a trendy, casual Mexican restaurant, look no further than the Pink Taco in Boston. The restaurant opened in 1999 and offers brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night hours. It promises epic tacos and cocktails, and a great time to boot. The restaurant asks for a credit card when booking a reservation, which helps reduce no-shows. Plus, it helps eliminate any hidden charges or fees.

The original Pink Taco opened in Los Angeles in 1999, but the company’s recent expansion to Boston marks its first East Coast location. In addition to opening its first permanent location, the company will launch a merch truck in the neighborhood and introduce its food to the city. Fans can expect the taco truck to make its debut on Seaport Boulevard Friday and Saturday. The taco truck is painted with Calavera skeletons on pink flamingos. Although the truck is not serving tacos, it will be passing out merch and promoting the new restaurant.

The new location will have 185 seats and a full liquor license. It’s also planning to expand to other cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami Beach. It will also have an outdoor patio. The restaurant hopes to open for lunch and will debut an outdoor patio next year.

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