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BiggerPockets Blog Guest Blogger Guidelines & Suggestions

BiggerPockets Blog Guest Blogger Guidelines & Suggestions

BiggerPockets Blog Guest Blogger Guidelines & Suggestions

We’ve received a lot of inquiries from those who would like to publish guest blog posts in the BiggerPockets blog. As this is the reason, we’ve put together these guidelines to aid you. Be aware of the following guidelines . . . We’re seeking bloggers who can speak their minds and provide high-quality information about real estate with our readers.

Guest Topics

We’re open to writing about all things related to real estate. However, we prefer to concentrate on issues related to investing in real estate. The website is read and followed by a variety of people including real estate professionals agents, homeowners mortgage lenders, real estate experts, journalists, real estate bloggers, etc.

The articles that draw much attention from readers are how-to articles, tips as well as interesting and useful lists that are easy to read. We’re always looking for review articles, reviews of websites and posts that highlight the latest technologies, and ones that help people understand the entire process of selecting a realtor , to selling the first property they invest in.

Sub Headings

Subheadings are great to break up your blog posts and can facilitate be read. Make use of the bold tags to cover your subheadings.


Images are excellent for getting the attention of readers. If you’re unable to find images that are directly connected to the topic the topic is, consider abstract images that can be able to illustrate your argument. Some tips:

Images can be of any size – but the maximum width is 650 pixels.

You must be granted permission to use the image, or utilize one that does not have a copyright problem. A proper attribution is mandatory.

NOTE: If you aren’t able to find an image, we’ll do it for you.

Post Length

Typically posts can be any length, as long in the sense that they convey the message. It is recommended that your post contains at least 600 words. Be aware of the fact that articles that are overly long could be intimidating to readers, however, if you write well, there are no limitations on the maximum length of your post.


We edit regularly posts that are posted for publication on BiggerPockets from our contributors as well as guest bloggers. We will not edit your post, but we could make grammatical corrections small edits to the title, modifications, photo edits and other modifications. Do not take it as a personal attack . . . We know who we are writing for and know how to write well for our blog. If your post falls short of the mark in all respects or if it requires correction, we’ll send the post to you and tell you that. If we see an opportunity to improve we’ll notify you and offer suggestions for doing this.

Exclusivity & Copyright

When you post a blog post on BiggerPockets We’re assuming your post is only intended for use on BiggerPockets. The articles can only be published only once. It is not permitted to duplicate the article in your blog, newsletter or other websites. Any reproduction of the article when it is uploaded on BiggerPockets is permitted only with the consent by BiggerPockets, Inc.

Of course, you’re welcome to write about the topic elsewhere, but your work should be unique.

Contributor agrees that when the article is posted on the BiggerPockets Blog the post is the sole property and intellectual property owned by BiggerPockets, Inc. as well as you grant us permission to reproduce this content in any manner whether privately or publicly, in any media whether known or not without payment to you. BiggerPockets, Inc. will keep copyright ownership for the content posted in its blogs.

In-post Links

We’ll allow links in your content provided they’re relevant to the subject the article is written about. However, we do require to link to all of your sources to properly credit the source. Self-linking is not permitted, however you have the option to link to your byline.

Byline / Signature

We’d like to assist in promoting the authorship of your post As such, we offer the opportunity to add the signature of your byline/author on your blog posts. This is not to be used to promote ads. We’re seeking individuals to share your name and who you work for in the real estate industry. We’ll allow up to two links, but they need to have affiliate hyperlinks or refer to websites that are solely made to promote affiliate hyperlinks.

Once Your Article has been Published

Respond to comments Respond to Comments – Our readers love to join in conversations between our writers. Engaging and participating you increase your visibility and increase the likelihood that a reader will be enticed to contact you, or visit your site. Be timely and relevant in your feedback.

Promote your article on social media. Make certain to share your article through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Digg Stumbleupon, and, of course, Facebook ensure that you inform people in your circle also know about the article. The more people are aware of the article and who read it, the greater your chance of meeting new friends and visitors to your website.

Link to the article on your site or blog. Your personal users and readers will surely would like to know the content you’ve written by letting them know about your guest blog post on our website will enable them to do this. Furthermore, BiggerPockets only takes the top of the best and if your post will be published here, it’s sure to be fantastic!

We’d like to thank you for your enthusiasm to be involved with BiggerPockets and we believe that by sharing the results of your efforts with us, we’ll be able to assist in promoting you back..

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