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SEO – Website Optimization 2021

SEO - Website Optimization 2021

SEO – (from the English search engine optimization) means optimization of websites for search engines. SEO is activities undertaken in order to achieve the highest position by a given website in organic search results for specific keywords. Optimization consists of searching for the most effective set of solutions regarding the content, page code, incoming links, and other factors influencing ranking in the search engine in terms of the position of a given website. SEO increases the chance of success in our campaign in organic results.

SEO – Website Optimization?

Somehow, it is commonly accepted that the terms SEO and positioning mean the same thing. Perhaps identifying these two concepts is due to an incorrect translation of the term SEO from the angelic language, but it is worth emphasizing that SEO and positioning are not equivalent concepts. Both refer to search results and website position in search engines, however, they cover different activities. Read the article and find out what exactly are the differences!

Content optimization, whose aim is to eliminate phenomena such as thin (low-quality) content or duplicate (copied) content on websites, includes, for example:

  • posting unique content, corresponding to the subject of the page and saturated with keywords,

  • expanding existing content or updating it in terms of semantic keywords,

  • highlighting the content by using subheadings consistent with the hierarchy of headings, bullets, bolds, underlines or italics,

  • building the website menu, website content, and other elements to support the process of internal linking on the website.

  • The optimization of the code and structure of the website includes:

  • preparing the website to meet the W3C standards, defining the guidelines for creating pages so that they are displayed correctly to users and available on various devices,

  • improving the website loading speed by reducing the code volume, the number of files loaded, and image optimization,

  • enabling search engines to find your site easier by using, among others, an appropriate hierarchy of headings (H1, H2, H3 …), meta tags (title, description), and friendly URLs.

In optimizing the backlink profile, we will focus mainly on:

  • quality parameters of our website and incoming links (we can use the indicators proposed by Ahrefs or Majestic),

  • the number of links and domains they come from,

  • link anchors used – the number and proportions between links with keyword anchors and other types of anchors,

  • proportions between Do-Follow and No-Follow links,

  • location of links and URLs to which links lead on our website.

Website optimization can be achieved in a number of ways. To begin, changes are made to the website’s content that is available to Internet users. They rely on the appropriate placement of keywords so that the page is displayed to users of interest in the search results. This may involve, for example, a change in the structure or length of the content. Second, the optimization activities involve making changes to the website code. These do not have a direct impact on the appearance of the website, but they improve its technical parameters and usability, thus improving its operation. The last component is the optimization of the backlink profile, i.e. all links leading to our website from external sources. It is usually made based on an analysis of competitors’ activities.

Positioning the website, on the other hand, is a process that entails all activities (including the foregoing optimization) that allow a website to achieve the best (i.e. the highest and most stable) position in search engines after entering a specific word. It is highly reliant on optimization, which requires the content, links, and other elements of the website to be changed so that they are as accessible to search engine robots as possible.

SEO and Positioning – Dependencies

SEO deals with the improvement of the website – the layout of the content on the page, building the code – and its environment, i.e. incoming links, while positioning – apart from the aforementioned SEO – also includes a number of other activities.

Perhaps treating SEO and positioning as synonymous terms is due to the same goal that guides both SEO and positioning activities. In both cases, it is about achieving a high and stable position in the search results displayed by the search engine.

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Lisa Maxine is an SEO Content Writer for SAA Marketing.

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