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Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Marketing other than online is called traditional marketing. It is the most recognizable type of marketing that incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing. It incorporates the advertisements that we see and hear every day.

The total marketing investments of Swedish companies spent on traditional media was 37% and 39% on digital media. But, the shares of expenditure on both traditional and digital media among companies were the same.

Categories of traditional marketing:

Most traditional marketing strategies are classified into four categories.

  • Print:

Print marketing is the oldest kind of traditional marketing. It can be defined as advertising in paper forms like newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, and other printed materials meant for circulation.

  • Direct mail:

The printed material that is mailed directly to the consumers falls under the category of direct mail marketing. It includes letters, postcards, flyers, catalogs, brochures, and others.

  • Broadcast:

The advertisement through radio and television commercials is called broadcast marketing. On-screen movie theatre advertisement is a special method of broadcasting.

  • Telemarketing:

The marketing through calling and cold calling by consumers on the telephone is called telemarketing or telephone marketing. In this category, sales messages are delivered over the telephone to consumers to convince them to buy a service or commodity.

Companies implementing traditional marketing:

Different companies use different forms of advertisements. It depends on the company’s available budget.

  • Large corporations and mid-sized companies use broadcasting, the most expensive method of marketing. They use TV commercials with prices depending on the time slots and programming content.
  • Bigger companies usually use the direct mail method of marketing for advertisement which is of substantial budget. It involves the expenses of design, printing, and mailing. Such companies usually use other forms of traditional marketing too.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs with limited marketing budgets usually use print marketing. They advertise their products and services through newspapers, newsletters, and magazines to convince the customers. They also use other forms of traditional marketing like direct mail marketing, telemarketing, and radio marketing.

Memorable traditional marketing campaigns:

According to the network television powerhouse (NBC), the most memorable traditional campaigns of the 20th century are:

  • McDonald’s (“You deserve a break today”)
  • Nike (“Just do it”)
  • Marlboro’s (Marlboro Man)
  • Coca-cola (“The pause that refreshes”)
  • Volkswagen (“Think small”).

Careers with traditional marketing strategies:

After having specific education and skills in traditional marketing, the following jobs are available to do

  • Brand manager:

Education and skills:

The required education to be a brand manager is a four-year bachelor’s degree in advertising or marketing. Moreover, to get hired in large companies, he worked for at least four years in lower marketing positions like a sales representative.


The duties of the brand manager are to design, develop and direct the marketing efforts for a particular product, company, or brand. He, along with other marketers, decides the marketing strategies, conceptualize, and oversees marketing campaigns. He controls the public image of the company or brand in which he works through advertisements.

  • Advertising Sales Director:

Education and skills:

To get hired as an advertising sales director, one must have a degree of four-year bachelors in sales, marketing, or advertising, and a minimum experience of 10 years in sales and marketing. He must have some proven track records in marketing success.


The advertising sales director controls the entire advertising strategy of a company from all directions, including sales, business, and technical aspects. The high-ranking managers supervise the advancement of campaign implementation, sales materials, and advertising budgets and projections.

  • Media Director:

Education and skills:

The education and skills required for becoming a media director are four years of bachelor’s degree in advertising, sales, or marketing, and 5 years experience in sales and marketing, respectively, with a certified record of outcomes.


A media director works as an advertising agent. He organizes and implements marketing strategies for other companies and brands. He works for a client and manages sales and broadcast time for him. He works with media sales representatives for advertisements.

By using techniques like statistical models and market research, he along with his client chooses the most effective avenues for traditional marketing.


Conclusively, we can say that traditional marketing is a way in which companies, brands, or agencies use traditional methods for marketing and advertisement other than digital. It is of various forms like print marketing, telephone marketing, direct mail marketing, and broadcasting. A digital marketer can choose the form that he wants to use. He can rank in various positions like a brand manager, sales director manager, media manager, etc after having specific qualifications and experience.

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