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5 Great Examples of Creative Product Packaging

5 Great Examples Of Creative Product Packaging

The packaging is utilized for ages to keep the product safe and sound for a long time. It has to be strong, sturdy, and durable so that it can easily protect the product from environmental aspects. In the last couple of years, packaging has turned out to be a great marketing tool. Companies have started using custom product packaging to increase their brand awareness and sales. At the present time, the looks of the product boxes matter a lot. However, there are some producers who have started using creative and funny packaging to market their business well. In the event that you want to know about 5 Great Examples of Creative/funny Product Packaging then read on!

1. The packaging of St.Stephen Hair Accessories

In the current market for hair care accessories, the competition level is quite high. It is difficult for every brand to stand out. Nevertheless, there are many things to consider in different marketing strategies all at once. The St.Stephen Hair Accessories is a new brand. It incorporates different hair care products like elastics, hairpins, bobby pins as well as head wraps. The main reason for this arrangement set is to utilize the bundling design to appeal to the consumers in the best way. The matching capacity of the elastics and bobby pins with the unique design is capable enough to target the audience well and make a big impact when placed on display shelves.

2. Waterproof Watches Sold in Bags of Water

Now, consumers only believe what they see. So, it is better to choose a packaging design that can provide complete transparency. Due to this reason, the famous watches brand Festina Profunda showcased its waterproof watches in bags of water. In this way, people could easily see the watches floating into the water and not getting damaged. Consumers get impressed with the amazing quality of the watches so they buy these at once. This packaging design increased 40% sales of the watches in a short time.

3. Kohlberg, “Support the Breasts” Bread Packaging

The biggest producer of bread in Denmark is Kohlberg. It is also the proud sponsor of the Danish Cancer Society which promotes fighting against breast cancer. They organize an event annually which is known as “Support the breasts”. Therefore, Kohlberg uses a bread packaging in which the bread is placed in the form of breasts. This packaging seems to be funny yet it is quite a creative one. It is an ideal way to promote the event “Support the Breasts”.

4. Parmesan Pencils

This packaging design is quite creative and interesting. All you have to do is to take out the pencil, use the enclosed sharpener and you can easily put the fresh parmesan cheese on your food. It is a wonderful way to adorn your pasta & co. The packaging plays an imperative role: by making use of the scale on the pens and on the back of the packaging, it is easy to grate the cheese for your every meal. The calories are also mentioned in the bundling. Thus, the whole thing is under the control of the kitchen craftsmen.

5. Cole & Weber United: Holiday Log

People want to enjoy their winter holidays by having a bottle of wine while sitting near the fire in cold. It is a perfect way to enjoy cold and wine altogether. Therefore, the Cole & Weber United took the logs of the fresh pine and then milled them all together to grip on the wine bottle along with the custom box of matches. Within the log, there is a cheerful greeting along with guidelines on how to appropriately use the gifts to enjoy. The shipping container has been made in a top form for the wine.

Last Word

These were great examples of creativity along with funny product packaging. All of the above-mentioned brands have earned a lot by just making use of these unique types of bundling. In the event that you want to promote your product and increase revenues then you also have to go for either creative or funny packaging. In addition, you can get your hands on the boxes with the window by The Custom Boxes. This company will provide you any sort of custom boxes that will be in accordance with your product.

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