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Largest Security Companies in USA

Largest Security Companies in USA

Largest Security Companies in USA

Welcome to our blog post on the top ten largest security companies in the United States! In the present consistently impacting world, security is a first concern for people and organizations the same. Whether it’s physical or digital security, these companies play a crucial role in ensuring our safety and peace of mind. Join us as we explore what these companies do and how much money they make. So, let’s dive right in and discover the giants of the security industry!

Top Ten Largest Security Companies in the United States

Top Ten Largest Security Companies in the United States
  1. Securitas AB: With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Securitas AB is a global leader in the security industry. Operating in over 50 countries, their presence extends far beyond US borders. This multinational company provides a wide range of services including guarding, consulting, and alarm response.

    2. ADT Inc.: A household name when it comes to home security systems, ADT Inc. has been safeguarding homes and organizations for north of 140 years. Their comprehensive solutions include intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, and access control options.

    3. G4S Secure Solutions: As one of the largest employers globally with over 500,000 employees worldwide, G4S Secure Solutions offers an expansive suite of security services ranging from manned guarding to risk consulting and technology-driven solutions.

    4. Allied Universal Security Services: Known for their expertise in integrated security solutions across various industries such as commercial real estate and healthcare facilities management, Allied Universal stands out as a key player in the US security market.

    5. Prosegur: Originating from Spain but making significant strides within the American market since its establishment in 1976; Prosegur delivers advanced electronic security systems alongside traditional physical guarding services.

    6. Secom Co., Ltd.: Originally founded in Japan back in 1962; Secom expanded its operations to the United States just four years later bringing with them advanced technological expertise that includes remote monitoring services among others.

    7.Securus Technologies: Focusing mainly on correctional facilities’ needs when it comes to safety & communications requirements; this Texas-based company specializes primarily on inmate communication technologies while also encompassing facility management solutions as part of their portfolio

    8.Pinkerton Government Services : Established way back during America’s Wild West era by Allan Pinkerton himself who had previously worked with notable figures like Abraham Lincoln ; Pinkerton today stands tall offering full-fledged protective service options catering towards both public sector organizations along with private sector corporations

    9. Stanley Security: A well-known name in the security

What do these companies do?

These top ten largest security companies in the United States provide a wide range of services to ensure the safety and protection of individuals, businesses, and even government institutions. With their expertise and advanced technology, these companies offer comprehensive security solutions that address various needs.
One of the primary services offered by these companies is physical security. They deploy highly trained personnel who are skilled in surveillance, access control, and emergency response protocols. Whether it’s guarding high-profile events or securing corporate premises, their teams are equipped to handle any situation.
In addition to physical security, these companies also excel in providing cybersecurity solutions. As threats become more sophisticated in our digital age, protecting sensitive data has become crucial for organizations. These industry leaders offer cutting-edge technologies that safeguard networks from cyber attacks such as malware intrusion or data breaches.
Another aspect that sets these companies apart is their expertise in risk assessment and management. They conduct thorough evaluations to identify vulnerabilities within a client’s infrastructure or operations. By proactively addressing potential risks through strategic planning and implementation of preventive measures, they help minimize the likelihood of incidents occurring.
Furthermore, many of these firms have specialized divisions dedicated to investigations and intelligence gathering. From conducting background checks on employees to uncovering fraudulent activities within an organization, their detectives possess extensive experience in gathering evidence while adhering to legal protocols.
These largest security companies play a vital role in ensuring public safety across multiple sectors including commercial enterprises, critical infrastructure facilities like airports or power plants as well as private residences seeking added protection against potential threats.

How much money do they make?

How much money do they make

Have you ever wondered how much money the largest security companies in the United States make? Well, prepare to be amazed! These companies rake in some serious cash, thanks to their dedication to protecting people and businesses from potential threats.
One of the top earners in this industry is Securitas AB. With a staggering annual revenue of over $12 billion, Securitas has established itself as a global leader in security services. They offer a wide range of solutions, including guarding and monitoring services.
Another heavyweight in the security business is G4S plc. This multinational company brings in around $10 billion each year. G4S provides various services like manned guarding, electronic surveillance, and risk management solutions.
ADT Inc., known for its home security systems, generates approximately $5 billion annually. Their cutting-edge technology and reliable service have made them a household name when it comes to residential security.
Other notable players include Allied Universal Security Services with revenues exceeding $7 billion per year, as well as Tyco International Ltd., which brings in over $3 billion annually with its extensive portfolio of fire protection and security products.
These impressive figures highlight the lucrative nature of the security industry. As crime rates continue to rise globally and more organizations prioritize safety measures, these companies are poised for further growth and success.


In this article, we have explored the top ten largest security companies in the United States. These companies play a critical role in ensuring the safety and protection of individuals, businesses, and institutions across the country.
From providing armed guards to implementing advanced surveillance systems, these security firms offer a wide range of services to meet varying needs. Whether it’s safeguarding residential properties or securing high-profile events, these companies are known for their expertise and reliability.
When it comes to revenue generation, the largest security companies in the USA are no strangers to success. With billions of dollars in annual earnings collectively, they demonstrate their ability to thrive in an industry that is constantly evolving and facing new challenges.
However, it’s important to note that size does not always equate to quality or effectiveness. While these companies have achieved tremendous growth and financial success, there are many other reputable security firms operating throughout the country that may better suit specific requirements.
When choosing a security company for your needs – whether personal or professional – thorough research is crucial. Consider factors such as reputation, experience, client testimonials, and customized solutions offered by different providers.
Security should never be taken lightly. By selecting a trusted and reliable partner from among the largest security companies in America or elsewhere,
you can have peace of mind knowing that your safety is being protected by professionals dedicated to keeping you secure at all times

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